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Basecamp™ classic import


The import utility in Intervals will import your data from Basecamp™. However, it does require you to be on Basecamp™ classic. It will not work with Basecamp™ Next, or Basecamp 3.  If you recently signed up for Basecamp™, it is very likely you are not using Basecamp™ Classic. Basecamp™ Next was released in early 2012.

What can I import from Basecamp™?

The import currently transfers the following items:

  1. Companies
    1. Your company logo
  2. Projects
    1. People
    2. Person project permissions
    3. Milestones and milestone comments
    4. Todo lists, todo list items, and todo list item comments
    5. Time for projects and todo lists

Retrieving your Basecamp™ API token

You may obtain your Basecamp™ API token by navigating to My Info » Show Your Tokens from within your Basecamp™ account. The import only needs to connect to your Basecamp™ account once and your Basecamp™ API token will not be stored in our system. We recommend not making any changes to your projects while users and projects are being imported. If a client, project or person within Intervals matches the data within Basecamp™ it will be overwritten with the data from Basecamp™.

Running the import multiple times

The import cannot be run multiple times™. The limitation exists to avoid importing the same time entries more than once. We also don’t recommend using the import after you have started working from your Intervals account. Though no duplicates will be created, much of the data may be reset back to the state it existed in Basecamp™.

Resetting your Intervals account to the state prior to importing from Basecamp™

If you wish to delete your imported Basecamp™ data (while keeping your non imported data), you may do so by clicking Undo Basecamp™ Import that displays after your import is complete. Only data that was imported from Basecamp™ will be deleted. A deletion cannot be undone.

Using the Basecamp™ Classic Import

Using the Basecamp™ Classic Import
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