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How does unlimited users work? If you don’t charge per user, how does pricing work?

If your plan includes unlimited users, which most of our plans do, you can add as many people as you like. No tricks. No limits. There is no additional charge per user. Whether your team has 5 people or 50+ people the monthly charge is the same. Our pricing is based on active projects being managed, not the number of people with a login.

If you manage a lot of work, the monthly subscription costs more. If you manage less work, the monthly subscription costs less. We have been committed to this usage-based approach since Intervals launched in 2006. This pricing lets you slot in the tier that fits your workload best without having to worry about incremental costs or the dreaded sharing of a login. And since the subscription is month-to-month, you can move up and down as needed whenever you have more or less work. You are not locked into a plan tier.

Does this mean that as you accumulate more projects your monthly bill goes up? It does not. Only active projects count against your total. Inactive projects are akin to being archived and do not count against your monthly active total. When you are done with a project you can set it to inactive and it does not count against your total. If you need to work on it again, simply activate it to add time and tasks.

Are there other differences between the plans?
Our pricing tiers include a set amount of document storage per plan. We have architected these tiers so that you typically have plenty of included storage. If you use up all the storage on your current tier, you will be prompted to upgrade to a higher plan or delete documents to stay on your current tier.

Priority support and one-on-one onboarding are available on higher tiers as well if desired.

If you are used to per user pricing models, our unlimited users approach can generate some questions. If you have any questions about how our plan tiers work, contact our support team.

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