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What is Priority Support?

Priority Support is a level of support offered on certain plans. Typically support requests are handled in the order that they were received. With Priority Support your support requests are given the highest priority and are processed first.

Priority Support is ideal for customers who desire the highest level of responsiveness with their Intervals questions and needs. Priority support was designed to make sure you get quick assistance on any issue you may encounter or question you may have. Priority support is account wide and any user that requests assistance from the account will receive priority support.

How do I pay for Priority Support?
There is no additional fee for priority support. It is included in the price for any tier that has priority support included. If you are on a trial or are an existing customer and want priority support, simply upgrade to a plan that includes priority support. You can view your current plan tier and what is included by navigating to Options ⚙ > Plan Info.

Note: your pricing tiers may be different depending on when you signed up for Intervals.

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