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What does “active projects” mean exactly? Is an inactive project “archived”?

We received the following question from an Intervals customer.

I am new to Intervals and trying out the basic plan. What does "active projects" exactly mean in the Basic plan?

If you are trying Intervals after using other software that is based on the number of users, the active project limits may be a little confusing at first. Our pricing model is largely usage based around projects and storage needs. There are some other differences between the plans, but the biggest difference is the amount of active projects. The more projects you need to manage, the higher the monthly fee. The less projects you need to manage, the less you pay.

An active project can actively be worked on, whereas when it is inactive no new time, tasks, milestones, etc. can be added to the project. In essence it is archived and still available in reports, but no new activity can happen on the project when it is inactive. Typically when a project is complete it can be set to inactive so that it doesn’t count against your total. This also prevents any new work from happening on the project. Say you are the manager of a project and you want to put the project on hold or stop any new work, you can set it to inactive to accomplish this. If you need to work on the project again, it can be activated in a single click.

Since there is no long-term contract or commitment you can move up and down the plans as much as you need and all plans include unlimited inactive projects.

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