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How do I change an inactive project to active?

Administrator level users can easily change a project from Inactive to Active.

1. Find the Inactive project

    • navigate to the “Projects” Tab.
    • Click on the “More filters” icon on the far right and ensure the option “Show active projects only” is unchecked.

Active Projects Filter

    • If needed, you can add filter options in the left sidebar, to narrow down your search.

Note: Inactive projects will be grayed out in the list view.
Filter projects

2. Right click to activate

Once you locate the project in the project list, right click on the project and select “Activate Project” from the right click menu:

Right click on Project

3. Activate from the project view page

Additionally, when viewing the project, you can click on the “Activate” link in the left side bar:
Activate Project Link

Inversely, projects can be marked as Inactive, from an Active state by following the same steps.


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