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Can I create an administrator level user that sees all projects but not the administration settings?

A new Intervals customer recently asked this question.

Could I suggest a feature improvement for an access level between Administrator and manager, which allowed view access to all projects, but not the system administration settings.

This can currently be done. With administrator level users there are two settings that can be used to restrict their access to account administration. When creating or editing an administrator there is a “Plan Info” preference and a “Settings & Defaults” preference.

Here is where the setting is located:

Junior Administrator

Internally we call this functionality a “junior administrator” since they have the same functionality as a normal administrator, they just cannot access/view/change the administration settings.

The Plan Info preference controls whether or not the person can see and update billing information, change plans, or cancel the account.

The Settings & Defaults preference controls whether or not the person can see and edit all of the defaults including default work types, default modules, task statuses, task priorities, default invoicing, the account name, the account subdomain, the account logo, the visual theme, the locale, and default time round up setting. Additionally, only administrator that have this setting enabled can export and import data.

This type of administrator level user can approve timesheets. If you need an administrator to approve timesheets while not changing the system settings, this setup may be ideal.

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