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How do I use Google sign in to log into my Intervals account?

If you already have a login with your Intervals account, to start logging in with your Google account, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigating to the “My Account” page via the menu bar
  2. My Account

  3. In the Login Information section, click on “Sign in with Google”
  4. Sign in with Google

  5. When signing in with Google, the Google email account you are currently logged in as will replace your Intervals email. NOTE: If you are not logged into the Google account you would like to use, logout and login back in with that account before continuing.
  6. Click on “Yes, change my Intervals email” to allow this change
  7. Change email confirmation

  8. Once you are successfully signed in with your Google account, you will see “Signed in with Google” in your account settings
  9. Signed in with Google

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