How do I locate the link to my account in order to login?

If you can’t find where to log into your account, each Intervals account comes with a unique subdomain that identifies the account. This is done by design so that you can personalize Intervals to match your brand as much as possible without the name “Intervals” being front and center. If you setup your account and do not remember the subdomain we recommend checking your inbox for the initial account creation email.

If you are unable to locate the email with the link to your login:

1. Navigate to and click on Login on the navigation bar.


Find Login page

2. In the dialog, enter your Username and Email. 

Note: If you do not recall the username and email address associated with the account please contact our support team ( and we can look up your Intervals account.

Retrieve Intervals Login Link

3. Click on the link for your account to log in.

Intervals Login Link




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