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What happens when the next recurring task can’t be created?

There are some scenarios where Intervals will be unable to repeat the next recurring task in a series. When that happens, recurrence will be halted and the task owner is notified. To resume recurrence, the task first needs to be updated to resolve the issue that caused recurrence to stop. There will be a notice on the task view that details what needs to be fixed. Then click the button on the notice to resume recurrence.

The most likely scenario that will halt recurrence is when the task owner has been deactivated or removed from the project team. In that event, the notification will be sent to the manager for that task’s project. If there is no manager designated, the notification will go to the Intervals administrator.

Here is the full list of scenarios that will halt recurrence:

  • Task owner, assignee, or follower has been deactivated, or is no longer on the project team.
  • The recurring profile task has been deleted.
  • The task module has been deactivated or deleted from the project.
  • The task priority has been deactivated or deleted.
  • Task owner, assignee, or follower has been demoted to an executive level user.
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