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How do I remove recurrence from a recurring task?

A customer recently asked the following question about recurring tasks:

There are a few tasks in our account that are outdated and have been closed multiple times but keep coming back. Can someone from support look into this and refrain these tasks from coming back?

When a recurring tasks is closed, this does not stop future tasks from being created. The goal is to work the recurring task from open to closed to complete it. If that particular workflow is no longer needed the task profile can be updated to stop future recurrence.

When viewing one of the tasks in the series, click on the “Recurrence” tab to view which task is the profile task that controls when tasks are created.
View Task Profile

Then, click through to the profile task and click on its “Recurrence” tab. Click on “Remove recurrence” to stop future tasks from being created.

Remove Recurrence

Another option is to delete the profile task, but deleting the profile task deletes the task history, documents, and any time associated with the task. If the task was created in error or if you do not need the history, the profile task can be deleted to stop future tasks from being created.

Delete Profile Task

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