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Recurring tasks and email notifications

When it comes to notifying people about a task update, recurring tasks function much like any other task. The owners, assignees, and followers who have the relevant email preferences enabled are notified by email. The only person not notified is the one who’s updating the task. This has always been the case, as Intervals doesn’t want to clutter one’s inbox with redundant notices.

With the introduction of recurring tasks, however, we have modified this flow as it applies to the creation of new tasks. Each new task in the series is created automatically according to its recurring schedule. Since there is no one person actively creating the task, Intervals will notify every owner, assignee, and follower on the task (assuming they have the task creation email preference enabled).

This is a small, but important, distinction to be aware of when working with recurring tasks. This will primarily affect task owners who are accustomed to not being notified when creating new tasks.


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