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How do I append a request to an existing task?

When there is an existing task and a request queue item is related to it, there is a quick way to “merge” them into one. For example, a client may have a detailed project update accompanied by several documents. Instead of emailing you directly they can send the email to the mailbox you have set up for your Request queue.¬†From there, the contents of the email can be appended to any existing task with a few simple steps.

1. From the Request queue list, click the “Add to an existing task” link:

Add request to task link

2. Use the form to select the Client, Project, Module and lastly the destination task:

Add request to task dialog

3. Upon clicking ‘Continue…” the request will be copied as a comment in the task as well as any attached documents and you will be taken to the task in edit mode.

4. Save the task, to commit the changes. Note: To abandon the changes, click on the ‘Cancel & go back to the request view” button.

Once saved, the original request will be removed from the request queue.


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