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How to bulk deactivate projects to archive several projects at once

When a project is completed its best to archive it by setting its status to inactive. By doing this the project will not be counted against your monthly project limit, and, this hides it so that you can focus on currently active projects. If you have several projects that need to be archived at once, use the bulk updater to set them to inactive.

From the project list, check the box in the far right column of each project, or check the uppermost checkbox to select them all, and then select “Change Status” from the dropdown menu at the bottom right. Change the status to Inactive and click save

You can also use the bulk updater to reactivate old projects. To do this, click on the gear icon and uncheck the box labeled “Show active projects only.” This step is necessary because archived projects will be hidden by default. Then check the box for each project to be reactivated and select “Change Status” from the menu. Change the status to Active and click save.

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