Starter excel template for accessing the REST API

This starter template makes use of our REST API for Intervals and enables you to quickly see your data outside of Intervals. You can view the most used items in your account:

  • People
  • Clients
  • Projetcts
  • Tasks
  • Time

To get started, you’ll need to sign into your account and generate your API token. Next, download our template and follow the steps to connect your account:

Intervals API with Excel

After opening, you’ll notice we have included the following sheets. Each sheet has an different API connection that needs to be updated with your particular API token. We’ll do that in the next steps:

Excel Tabs

Next, enable external data connections if prompted:

Excel Data Connection

To update tokens, go to the Data menu and toggle on “Queries & Connections” and the currently selected sheet’s associated connection. Right click and select Edit:

Excel Existing Connection


In the editor, click Advanced Editor, and replace the token that you have retrieved from your account. The API token is your token plus the :x characters appended to the end and ran through a base64 encoder. Then Click the Done button to save your changes, again to Keep your changes in the next prompt:

Excel Update Existing Connection

Repeat the previous steps for each of the connections.

Quick-start pointers

Individual sheets can be refreshed by going to Data > Queries & Connections and then right clicking each query, and selecting “Refresh”.

Each sheet query can be customized depending on the data you need. When editing a sheet, edit the Source option to add filter variables to the URL parts. We list filter parameters for each of the endpoints in the API documentation for each resource below:

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