Can email notifications be disabled for tasks?

To disable task notifications, each team member should go to Options -> My Email Preferences and uncheck the boxes labeled “Task Comments,” “Task Updates,” and any other notifications they want to turn off: It is also possible for an administrator level user to do this for each person by going to the People tab and […]

What can I do if I am not receiving emails?

On occasion spam filters do block the emails sent from Intervals. Checking a spam filter is definitely the best place to start. If that does not turn out to be the culprit, all emails from Intervals are sent from on behalf of the user. If your organization utilizes SPF (Sender Policy Framework) adding […]

Who is allowed to email tasks?

Sending an email to a task (including milestones) follows the same permissions required to log into the interface and write a comment: Since Administrators can see all projects so they are not bound by project permissions. All other user levels (Manager, Resource and Executive) need to be part of the team for the project that […]

What can I email directly within Intervals?

Each task, milestone and project has a unique email address in Intervals and thus you can send emails directly to them without having to be logged into the interface. The following items can be directly emailed: Tasks & Milestones To email task #123, send an email to┬á Where 123 is the task number, your-subdomain is […]

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