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What is the best way to get support?

For general questions, tips & tricks, or any random questions please email We typically return emails within a few hours during normal west coast business hours here in the US but don’t be surprised if we reply to an email at any hour. We know that getting answers back to you fast when you need them is important.

Using the general question, feature request, or find a bug links on every page of your account is always a great way to go. These links are extremely helpful to our support team as they include additional diagnostic information about your web browser and account so that we can personalize our support response.

For those just getting started with Intervals, we recommend the video tutorials available in the tour section, as well as within your account at Options >> Help >> Getting started with Intervals. The getting started series within the help section includes additional videos and tips. Phone support is included with all of our paid plans, but we definitely recommend starting with the online mechanisms.

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