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Task & milestone email integration

Each task and milestone has a unique email address containing its number. For example, to email task #123, send an email to┬á Where 123 is the task number, your-subdomain is replaced with your account’s sub-domain, and intervalsonline is replaced with the domain you are currently using.

When an authorized sender emails the task or milestone, a comment is added and the usual owner, assignee, and follower email notifications will be sent (as would happen when adding a comment via the web interface). Also, you can reply to the email to add your comments to the task without having to log into the web interface.

To find the unique email address:

1. Navigate to a task or milestone and click on the email icon in the left sidebar

Email task link

2. In the light box, click on the copy icon to copy the email to your clipboard and paste into your email client

Send email to task

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