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Can I set default rates per client?

A customer asked the following question: I was wondering if there was a way to set default rates for individual clients rather than only having the rates in system wide. Or even on the project level? There is not a way to create a pool of separate defaults for different clients. There is only one […]

Can I see where my modules are being used?

A long-time customer asked the following question: I am cleaning up my modules and I have set my old ones to inactive. I get that this will prevent them from being used with new projects and I can easily use our new setup going forward, but I would like to audit a few of our […]

Is there a user manual?

We received the following question. My manager and I are new users on Intervals and was wondering if we have access to a manual on how Intervals works. We do not have a formal manual but we have a few different types of documentation that may help. Here are a few places that may help: […]

Can a freeform invoice be duplicated?

A customer asked the following question. Is there an easy way to duplicate freeform invoices? Invoices based on actual work performed cannot be copied, but freeform invoices can be copied. Duplicating a freeform invoice can speed up the invoice creation process. Here are a few different ways to copy an invoice. Invoice Detail Page When […]

Is there a way to set a budget alert by task?

We received this feature request from a customer. Could we have a “budget trigger” for individual tasks, similar to the budget trigger email for overall projects? I would like to be notified when a task is reaching budget, as the overall project budget is not granular enough for us. There is not presently a way […]

Error – Invalid Grant message when exporting an invoice to QuickBooks Online

We received the following question from a customer. I’m trying to export our invoices to QuickBooks online, but having some trouble, getting this message. Unable to get new refresh token. Reason: Refresh OAuth 2 Access token with Refresh Token failed. Body: [{“error”:”invalid_grant”}]. Here is a screenshot of the error. Could you help me figure out […]

Can I pause a recurring task?

A customer recently asked the following question: I am responsible for many of our monthly recurring tasks. I am going to be on leave. Is there a way to pause my recurring tasks? I would hate to have to turn off the recurrence. I like having the history with all of the tasks tied together. […]

Can I create an administrator level user that sees all projects but not the administration settings?

A new Intervals customer recently asked this question. Could I suggest a feature improvement for an access level between Administrator and manager, which allowed view access to all projects, but not the system administration settings. This can currently be done. With administrator level users there are two settings that can be used to restrict their […]

How do I remove recurrence from a recurring task?

A customer recently asked the following question about recurring tasks: There are a few tasks in our account that are outdated and have been closed multiple times but keep coming back. Can someone from support look into this and refrain these tasks from coming back? When a recurring tasks is closed, this does not stop […]

Can an invoice be voided? Can I mark an invoice as bad debt?

A customer recently asked the following question about invoicing: Is there any way to void an invoice? We don’t want to delete it, want to retain a record of it, but don’t want to mark it as paid or artificially change line items to 0. Thank you. Intervals doesn’t have a true “void” option but […]

I need an Intervals Accessibility report. Do you have a VPAT?

A long-time customer asked the following question. The IT department at our university is conducting a software assessment and I have been asked to provide the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT). Can you please provide that information so I can submit to them? If you are a government and educational customer and need our VPAT […]

Monthly Recurring Tasks

A customer recently asked this question. Many of our tasks are start on the 1st, end of the last day of the month. How do we setup the task profile to create a task on June 1 that is due on June 30. Recurring tasks are driven by the start date and duration of the […]

Do you have dark mode support?

We have received a healthy volume of feature requests similar to this request for dark mode. I would like to be able to change the page color scheme to a darker, less eye straining shade of grey or other color combination. White is too bright for my eyes. Do you plan to add dark mode? […]

Can I control the page orientation of scheduled reports?

A customer asked the following question: I have a weekly dashboard that I email to myself and it really needs to be landscape instead of portrait. There is a lot of data in the report and controlling the layout would be helpful. Can this be added? When we first launched scheduled reports this was not […]

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