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Can I pause a recurring task?

A customer recently asked the following question: I am responsible for many of our monthly recurring tasks. I am going to be on leave. Is there a way to pause my recurring tasks? I would hate to have to turn off the recurrence. I like having the history with all of the tasks tied together. […]

Can I create an administrator level user that sees all projects but not the administration settings?

A new Intervals customer recently asked this question. Could I suggest a feature improvement for an access level between Administrator and manager, which allowed view access to all projects, but not the system administration settings. This can currently be done. With administrator level users there are two settings that can be used to restrict their […]

How do I remove recurrence from a recurring task?

A customer recently asked the following question about recurring tasks: There are a few tasks in our account that are outdated and have been closed multiple times but keep coming back. Can someone from support look into this and refrain these tasks from coming back? When a recurring tasks is closed, this does not stop […]

Can an invoice be voided? Can I mark an invoice as bad debt?

A customer recently asked the following question about invoicing: Is there any way to void an invoice? We don’t want to delete it, want to retain a record of it, but don’t want to mark it as paid or artificially change line items to 0. Thank you. Intervals doesn’t have a true “void” option but […]

I need an Intervals Accessibility report. Do you have a VPAT?

A long-time customer asked the following question. The IT department at our university is conducting a software assessment and I have been asked to provide the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT). Can you please provide that information so I can submit to them? If you are a government and educational customer and need our VPAT […]

Monthly Recurring Tasks

A customer recently asked this question. Many of our tasks are start on the 1st, end of the last day of the month. How do we setup the task profile to create a task on June 1 that is due on June 30. Recurring tasks are driven by the start date and duration of the […]

Do you have dark mode support?

We have received a healthy volume of feature requests similar to this request for dark mode. I would like to be able to change the page color scheme to a darker, less eye straining shade of grey or other color combination. White is too bright for my eyes. Do you plan to add dark mode? […]

Can I control the page orientation of scheduled reports?

A customer asked the following question: I have a weekly dashboard that I email to myself and it really needs to be landscape instead of portrait. There is a lot of data in the report and controlling the layout would be helpful. Can this be added? When we first launched scheduled reports this was not […]

How can I export a client list?

We received the following question from an Intervals customer: I need to export a client list. Is there a way to export a client list into Excel? There are two ways to export a list of clients. 1. Utilize the Clients Section From within the interface, navigate to the “Clients” section in the navigation and […]

Time tracking notifications

If you are new to tracking your time or need a friendly nudge, there are two time tracking notifications to help you stay on top of your time tracking and build good habits. The notifications are located beneath your name in the navigation. Click on the “Time tracking” tab to manage the time related notifications. […]

Who are the system generated emails sent from?

A customer in support recently asked the following question. We use the project budget alert functionality quite a bit. When a budget alert is triggered what email address sends the email? Can we change the master account email or is it one of our users? Most of the alerts that are sent are based on […]

Is there a way to link directly to a task comment?

We received the following feature request from a long-time customer: Since covid our team has been remote and uses Slack as our main communication hub and Intervals as our primary timesheet and task management system. It would be great if there was a way to link directly to a task comment. I know I can […]

Is there a way to delete imported data?

If you import data and decide that you do not want to use the imported data it can be deleted. Navigate to Options (⚙ icon) >> Import & Export Data >> Import History. From the import data page there is a link to “Import history” that lists all previously run imports. From the import history […]

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