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How do I add a new Project Label to existing projects?

A customer submitted the following question. Hi. I’m managing Intervals in the interim I’m looking to add “shippers” to our Project Labels. Can you help me understand where I can make this change? Project Labels can be managed by any administrator user that has been granted access to the Settings & Defaults section. Hare are […]

Can I bulk delete tasks?

A longtime customer asked the following question. I would like to delete more than one task at a time. Is there a way to do this? One employee added twenty one pages of tasks which all need to be deleted. How do I accomplish this? The bulk task updater can be used to delete multiple […]

Which Intervals themes are the most popular?

A longtime customer gave us the following feedback about the custom theme feature: The Red theme was close to our brand style guide, but now we can make it perfectly match. Thank you so much! Random curiosity, are you able to share which themes are the most popular? No problem at all. As of June […]

I can’t add a person to a project team. What am I doing wrong?

We received this question from an Intervals customer that has a few hundred users on their account. We are doing some housekeeping on our projects and I am having some trouble assigning a person to a project. When I go to the project team they don’t show up as an option. Can you advise why? […]

Can I change the name of invoice?

A customer asked our support team this question. I need to edit an invoice and change the name, but I don’t see how to do it. Am I missing it? The title/name of an invoice can be updated by navigating to the invoice in question and clicking on the edit icon at the top of […]

Is there a way to have custom Task Statuses on each project?

A customer asked the following question: Is there a way to change or update task statuses to be use in a single project? So, we can have different statuses by project? There is not a way to configure per project task statuses. This is true for task priorities as well. Both of these items are […]

Can you hide the hours on the Gantt chart?

A customer made the following feature request. It would be good if you could run the Gantt and not show the estimated and actual time. We are just starting a project that is fixed cost, not hours-based, and I would like to provide the Gantt for the timeline information. But not show the hours as […]

Can I unsubmit a timesheet?

A customer made the following feature request: When the “Submit for approval” button is pressed accidentally there is no confirmation required nor any way to undo the action. I should be able to retract incomplete or incorrect timesheets so that they are not approved by my manager. When a timesheet is submitted for approval, it […]

Tracking time directly on Cards in Kanban view

A customer asked the following question. We mainly use the Kanban view for our daily sync up meetings but we are hoping to start using the cards to track time too. Is there a way to track time in the Kanban view? The Kanban board that is enabled via the card view functionality includes fully […]

Can I add multiple time entries to a previous week?

A long-time customer made the following feature request: My favorite feature as a user is the ability to add multiple time entries at once. I use this every week to only enter my data once. Context: I have inadvertently messed it up enough times that I have come to request a new feature/upgrade for this […]

Can I change the logo used for invoicing?

We received the following question: Hello Team – Can I change the logo in the invoice only? We support the ability to have an invoicing specific logo in addition to your account logo. The invoicing specific logo can be managed in the default invoicing section (⚙️ >> Settings & Defaults >> Default Invoicing). Note: Only […]

Can I downgrade a resource to an executive user?

A customer asked the following question. Once I’ve made someone a resource it doesn’t appear I can demote them to executive? Help? There is not a way to demote a user to an executive. Once a user has been created as a manager, resource or administrator the executive user level is no longer an option. […]

View recently updated cards while using kanban boards

A customer asked this question: I love the new card view. A previous kanban tool we used had recently updated cards. Is there anything comparable with Intervals? The recently updated functionality that exists in the tasks menu can be used in conjunction with card view to view recently updated tasks while using the kanban board. […]

Can I see when a project was closed?

A customer asked the following question. Can I see when a project was closed? Can I see which user made change? You can. When a project changes status and who made the change are logged in the project feed. More information on the project feed is available here and here is an example of how […]

Can you bulk update the project budget alert threshold?

A customer asked the following question which got converted into a feature request and then a feature. Is there any way to change all the alerts for projects at one time? We have so many projects that manually changing them would be time consuming. Project budget alerts are a convenient way to receive a notification […]

Can I show less information on the cards in the Kanban view?

An early adopter customer made the following feature request. When using the Kanban board sometimes I don’t need to use the timers or show detailed information. Is there a way to compact the cards to make the most of the screen real estate? There is. In the “Options” menu there are three options to control […]

Can I create a Kanban board for my tasks due this week?

An early adopter / beta customer for the Card view feature that shows tasks in a Kanban board asked the following question. I’d like to see all of my tasks as cards, but only show the tasks that are due this week. Can that be done via the card view? This can be accomplished via […]

Introduction to Task Views – Table, Card, and Simple

What are task views? Intervals provides three different views of task lists. empowering you to visualize your work the way that works best for you. The three options are the default table view, card view (aka Kanban board), and simple view. Each of these views include the ability to filter, search, and sort tasks, however, […]

Can I set default rates per client?

A customer asked the following question: I was wondering if there was a way to set default rates for individual clients rather than only having the rates in system wide. Or even on the project level? There is not a way to create a pool of separate defaults for different clients. There is only one […]

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