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Who uses Intervals? Is it for me?

Intervals is used in over 100 countries to track time. Most of our customers are small teams that need to know where there time is going. Web designers, web developers, creative agencies, advertising firms, IT services companies, public relations firms, in-house marketing departments and many more small businesses make up our core customer base. Intervals is very flexible and customizable, allowing many different industries to adopt Intervals tools into their workflow. To be completely candid, we thought companies that track and bill for their time would be the core Intervals users but we have been surprised at how many diverse industries have adopted Intervals. The powerful work flow components, task prioritization, time tracking, and reporting have hit a chord with businesses in a many industries that need to organize and track work. If you are juggling a lot of details and need to know where all of your time is going Intervals might be just what you have been looking for. Also, if you don’t want to worry about incremental charges for each person you add. We do not charge per user.

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