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Save, delete or replace existing views/filters

Views/Filters can be created so you can quickly return to a favorite view. If you want to quickly view tasks for a given client or tasks that meet certain priorities or status, a saved filter allows you to return to that view quickly, making task management more efficient.

Note: In the example below, we’re filtering on Tasks. You can also filter on the home page calendar, reports, milestone, projects, clients and invoices.

Save a View/Filter:

  • First, customize the current view by selecting the desired filter options and clicking on the ‘Filter’ button
  • Next, click on the link titled ‘Save this task filter’ at the very bottom of the listing
  • Give it a name and click ‘Save’
  • Now that the filter is saved you can return back to this filter by expanding ‘Saved task filters’ and clicking on the saved filter you want to run

Save Filter

Run a Saved View/Filter:

  • Click on the “Saved views to expand the list of saved views
  • Then click on the name of the saved view to run it

Run Saved View

Delete a Saved View/Filter:

  • Click on the pencil icon to launch the edit views dialogue
  • Then, click on the trashcan icon next to the filter you want to delete

Edit Views

Delete View

Replace an existing filter:

Currently saved filters cannot be edited, but you can modify the filter, delete it and save it again with the same name by following the steps below.

  • Run the existing saved filter you want to change
  • Delete the filter by following the delete instructions above
  • Select new items to filter on and click the “Filter” button
  • Save the filter, naming it the same as the one that was just deleted
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