How do I use the filters on the task listing?

What are filters?

A filter is just a way to slice the task list into specific data you want to see. When a filter is active there is a message at the top of the list saying which fields are currently being manipulated (see screenshot below). The list will always be filtered until the filter is cleared or another filter replaces it (even when navigating away from the page). To clear a filter, click the “Clear Filter” link at the top of the list.

Current filter on task list
(Example above filtered on: Client = Petunia; Project = Engineering Redevelopment; Status = Open)

Saved Filters

For filters that are used often, they can be saved to speed up your filtering. Saved filters make it easy to quickly bounce around between each filter without having to re-populate the dropdowns manually.

Currently saved filters cannot be edited but they can be deleted and then saved again after changing up the filter. A saved filter can be deleted after it has been run.  When a saved filter is run at the very bottom of the task listing there is an option to delete it. 

Update task list filter

Steps to replace an existing filter (A quick demo is provided below):

  1. Run existing saved filter you want to change
  2. Delete the filter by clicking on the “Delete this task filter?” link
  3. Select new items to filter on and click the “Filter” button
  4. Save the filter, naming it the same as the one that was just deleted

In this example, we’re updating the ‘Petunia redev’ filter to show only Open tasks.
Update filter demo

Example filters

As stated above, you can create different filters to show different data depending on what you need to see. Here are a couple suggestions:

  1. Display all your assigned tasks ordered by due date.
  2. Tasks ordered by Task #, descending. This will show you the newest tasks in the system. Yes, even sort orders are saved when filtering!

Lastly, filters can be setup in every major section of Intervals. Anywhere there is a form to filter the list, the functionality will exist just like it does in the task list.

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