How are milestones used?

Milestones and can be used to manage a multi-task deliverable. They exist below the project level within the project hierarchy, and this means you cannot have a milestone be part of multiple projects.

A milestone can be used to show the status of each task that is associated with it. Project management milestones are completely optional. We almost never use them in our maintenance and retainer work, but almost always use them for our project work.

Project milestones also have a scheduling component where future tasks and milestones can be rescheduled when a milestone is moved.  Say, for example, the first deliverable runs late you can move the milestone and then move all of the upcoming project milestones and tasks.

Intervals is designed to provide the necessary tools for task management. If you come from a system where subtasks are used, our milestones and tasks feature can also handle subtasks. Tasks can be grouped together and attached to the milestone. The other option for handling subtasks is to name the tasks in such a way that they are linked together. For example, each task could begin with “Banner 01: Create example banner” and “Banner 02: Create banner.” This way the tasks will be grouped together when sorting on the task title column or when searching for “Banner.”  In the summary of the parent task, the child task can be linked up by copying and pasting the link there.

Milestones & Multi Task Deliverables

Milestones & Multi Task Deliverables
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