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Can I add a cost rate per person and per client?

The intent with Intervals is to track the client facing total as opposed to an internal cost total and Intervals is light on accounting functionality in general. There is not a way to enter a cost rate and a client facing rate at this time. Data can be exported and the rates modified to apply the costs to get profitability.

That being said, if the hourly rates are not being billed to a client, or tracked in a client-facing manner, the hourly rates could be used to track labor costs instead. We have seen a few customers do this and it basically inverts the functionality and makes all of the reports cost centric instead of revenue centric. You can use work types that are the person and their rate/cost per hour or the type of work they do and the rate/cost.

If you’re looking to add an expense:

  1. Navigate into a project and click on the Expenses link in the left column.
  2. Project expenses

  3. Click on the “Add Expenses” button
  4. When adding an expense there are two fields: one for an expense and one for a fee. The fee is what is being passed onto the client and can include a markup.

Add expense

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