What are project notes?

Project notes are a great way to store information related to a project. It could be as simple as a transcript of a client conversation or as complex as a contract. Intervals lets you store anything you want in the project notes.

People with access to the project will also be able to see the project notes. To restrict access to the project notes for some people, be sure NOT to check the key icon next to their name in the project team section. Only people with the key icon next to their name will be able to see secure project notes. To flag a project note as secure, check the box next to the secure key icon when adding or updating a project note.

Project notes with the secure key icon next to them are also encrypted at the database level, adding an extra layer of security to them. Flag the project note as secure if the note contains any sensitive information.

For more information about project notes, check out the first part of this Search & Project Notes video:

Search & Project Notes

Search & Project Notes
Running time: 4:12

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