What does uninvoiced mean?

On the Project Dashboard and on the Outstanding Balances Report there are references to uninvoiced. In the screenshot below the uninvoiced line item shows the amount of billable work that has been done, but not yet invoiced. Think of it as a cue that a client may need to get invoiced for work performed. In this example:

Billable Summary

$18,301.88 worth of work has been done, payment(s) of $14,820.73 have been made, an outstanding invoice exists for $2,373.80 and $1,774.98 worth of work has been done after sending the $2,373.80 invoice. $4,148.78 worth of work has been done that has not been paid for.

We use the unvinvoiced balance information a few ways:

  1. It tells us that we may need to invoice our client again before their balance gets too large
  2. It tells us that we may want to stop work if it gets too large until the outstanding invoice is paid
  3. Generate invoices – we go to the outstanding balance report and click on the uninvoiced column to see who we needs to get invoiced

Here is where the uninvoiced balance show up on the Outstanding Balances Report:
Outstanding Balances Report - Uninvoiced

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