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Task Priorities

Task Priorities are the global listing of priorities that can be applied to your tasks. Any Administrator level user with access to Settings & Defaults can edit them, by navigating to Options > Settings & Defaults > Task Priorities.

If you add a new priority it will be immediately available to all of your tasks. If the trash can is grayed out Disabled trash icon, the task priority on that line is being used by a task and cannot be deleted.  Clicking on the deactivate icon Deactivate Lock icon will make the task priority unavailable for future tasks.

To set which priority is selected by default whenever a new task is created, click on the pencil icon and select the “Make default” option and click Save.
Set default task priority

That priority will then be selected by default whenever a new task is created:

Default priority

The order in which priorities are listed is also customizable. You can click on the “grip” icon and drag to change to order of importance:

Change task priority order

This order will be used for displaying priorities in drop-down lists and for sorting lists. For example, sorting your task list by task priority in ascending or descending order. Below is a screenshot showing the task list sorted by priority in descending order, based on the changes shown above:

Sort by priority

And here is an example of how they are ordered in drop-down lists:
priority dropdown

Task priorities can be used in places such as the task list to filter out tasks based on this criteria:
Filter priorites

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