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Is there a way to link directly to a task comment?

We received the following feature request from a long-time customer:

Since covid our team has been remote and uses Slack as our main communication hub and Intervals as our primary timesheet and task management system. It would be great if there was a way to link directly to a task comment. I know I can link to a task, but we typically have a lot of dialogue on our tasks and being able to pass along a link directly to a comment on a task would be helpful to us.

This feature is now available. When viewing a task comment if you hover your mouse over the comment there are options to edit the comment (if enabled for your account), delete the comment (if enabled for your account), or copy a link to the comment.

Task Comment Link

This link can be pasted in Slack (emailed, or texted, or passed along however you like) and when it is clicked on the person clicking on the link is taken directly to the comment with the comment highlighted.

Formatted Comment

We hope this enhancement helps with distributed communication. Instead of having to say “Go to the comment made on April 5th at 5PM” you can simply pass along a link to the comment. This same functionality exists in a few other locations.

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