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How can I reschedule multiple tasks at once?

A customer recently reached out to us with the following inquiry:

I often have many tasks in a project. I move them along day by day as I reschedule and eventually close them. But I have to move tasks one-by-one. I would rather drag the entire project to the next date. I see that is not possible right now on the home page calendar… but do you guys recommend a way that this can be done… or another working style in which this situation is more easily managed?

There are two different features that enable you to reschedule multiple tasks at once — the bulk task updater and milestones. Here’s an explanation of how they each work and an example of when to use each one.

Bulk Updating Tasks

The task listing features a bulk updater that can be used to modify several tasks at once. Various task attributes, such as priority, status, and due date can be modified using this feature.

First, filter the task listing so it shows the tasks you want to update. Then check the box next to each one, or check the uppermost checkbox to select all tasks. Finally, select “Change Due Date” from the menu in the bottom right corner of the task listing.

The bulk updater for tasks is the ideal solution when you need to modify a specific subset of tasks that may or may not all belong to a given project. For example, you may need to reschedule only the tasks due this week, or those assigned to a one team member.

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The milestones feature enables you to group together a subset of tasks from a project. These are tasks that need to be completed before the project due date and are all be part of the same phase or deliverable.

The milestone feature also allows you to reschedule all of its tasks at once, simply by moving its due date. To do this, go to the home tab calendar and drag the milestone from one day to another. Intervals will give you the option to also move the task dates for unclosed tasks in that milestone.

If your project does not have enough tasks to warrant dividing it up into milestones, it is still advantageous  to put all of those tasks into one single milestone. That way, you can easily reschedule all of its tasks without affecting the overall project due date.

The milestone solution is ideal for rescheduling a large number of tasks within a single project.

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