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How do I see the desktop site on my mobile device?

This help article addresses using the mobile browser and not the Intervals mobile app that can be installed on your mobile device. The mobile app has a more limited experience by design and contains commonly used aspects of Intervals (time tracking, task management, searching for project notes, etc.).

When using the mobile browser your mobile device to view your Intervals account (typically Safari on an iOS device or Chrome on an Android device) you will have access to the full navigation menu, but elements will shift to fit screen.

iPad example
Intervals on iPad

If you ever need to run a saved report you have setup on your desktop computer, or export a PDF of an invoice for a client, the mobile browser on your phone can be used to accomplish this by requesting the desktop version of the site. This article on has instructions on how to request the desktop site with Safari. The process is almost identical for Chrome if you are using an Android device. Instructions for requesting the desktop site with Android are available here on cnet.

Request desktop site on iPad
iPad Desktop Highlighted

Once the browser is put into desktop mode your Intervals account will act just like it does when you are using a computer and you will have the full Intervals experience on your mobile device.

Desktop site on iPad
iPad Desktop Site

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