Parking an Intervals Account

If you need to pause your Intervals account, but do not want to cancel the account there is an option. Per our terms of service when an account is cancelled the account data is deleted except for some general usage data. This is done to protect the privacy of your data. Since you cancelled we assume you want to delete your data. If you would prefer to keep your data for future use instead of deleting it an account can be parked. Any administrator level user with access to the Plan Info page can park the account for a small monthly fee by navigating to Options >> Plan Info. The option to park the account will show up in the pricing grid.

Downgrade to Parked

When an account is parked only administrator level users with access to the Plan Info section can log into the account. New projects, tasks and other items can not be added to a parked account. Your data is preserved and backed up. It will not be removed from our servers. To unpark the account, simply log in and click on manage plan in the left hand column and choose one of the paying plans. After unparking the account it is immediately available for use. This option was added from customer feedback from long time Intervals users that need to briefly pause the account without deleting their data or having to deal with the hassle of deleting documents and setting projects to inactive to get down to a lower pricing tier.

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