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Which Intervals themes are the most popular?

A longtime customer gave us the following feedback about the custom theme feature: The Red theme was close to our brand style guide, but now we can make it perfectly match. Thank you so much! Random curiosity, are you able to share which themes are the most popular? No problem at all. As of June […]

How to customize your theme colors

Intervals includes several options for changing the visual appearance of your account. One such option is the theme color editor, which allows you to customize colors using any predesigned template as the base. This article explains the how to customize your Intervals account using the theme editor. Using the custom theme editor First, go to […]

Do you have dark mode support?

We have received a healthy volume of feature requests similar to this request for dark mode. I would like to be able to change the page color scheme to a darker, less eye straining shade of grey or other color combination. White is too bright for my eyes. Do you plan to add dark mode? […]

How do I use the Modernistic interface?

The modernistic interface is available as a theme. To use the new interface the account needs to be set to use the Modernistic theme that is available in Settings & Defaults. There is no new functionality with the new theme. The Modernistic theme is visual in nature. Here are the steps. Navigate to Options >> […]

Advanced theme editor tips & tricks

Intervals features an advanced theme editor that allows you to change the appearance by making additions to the stylesheets.  This allows you to add more personalized changes to the interface easily with the use of CSS including fonts. (See examples below screenshots) To access this part of the application, you’ll need to be an administrator level […]

How do I add my own custom CSS?

Custom CSS can be added by Administrator level users with access to Settings & Defaults. Navigate to Options >> Settings & Defaults, and click on the Try the Advanced Theme Editor link under the Advanced Theme Editor section.   By adding custom CSS, it enables every page within the application to be fully customized to […]

How do I change the visual theme?

Your Intervals account can be modified to better match your company’s brand. Any Administrator level users with access to Settings & Defaults are able to make these changes by navigating to Options >> Settings & Defaults. Note: The branding options apply to the overall account. Individual projects cannot be branded differently. Ways the interface can […]

How do I change my account subdomain?

The subdomain can be changed by Administrator level users with access to Settings & Defaults. Navigate to Options >> Settings & Defaults, under the General Info section. Note: When this field is updated all future outgoing emails are also updated. 1. In the subdomain field, enter the new desired subdomain. Note: The Intervals domain can […]

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