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Using Images Inline (pasting & dragging)

Video Introduction to Using Images Inline

This video introduces how to use images in your worfkow. You can paste images or drag and drop images inline with tasks, milestones, the work request queue, and project notes. Images used with email integration will also maintain their order and formatting.

If you are new to Intervals you may use this functionality natively without thinking about it. If you are a long time Intervals user you may have tried to paste an image as a task comment only to find out that it wasn’t possible. This featured is a big time saver if you work with images and screenshots a lot in your workflow.

Benefits of using inline images

  • Provide contextual instructions on task summaries
  • Use email for iterating on proofs and making comments on design iterations
  • Communicate more clearly what actions need to happen
  • Use screenshots for procedures on project notes to make the instructions crystal clear
  • Maintain detailed historical iterations on a task
  • Emails to tasks and the request queue maintain proper formatting with images inline
  • Easily use screenshots to report bugs and rendering errors
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