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How to view time remaining on a task

Time remaining on a task

Tasks that have an estimate entered on them will report the amount of time remaining. To use this feature, enter an estimate into a task. Intervals will take over from there, keeping track of the remaining time as people add time to the task.


Show WidescreenThe amount of time remaining will appear on the task listing and view pages. To view this column on the task listing, widescreen mode must first be enabled. This can be done by clicking on the more filters icon in the upper right corner of the task listing and checking the box labeled “Enable widescreen view.” The task view page, on the other hand, will automatically show the time remaining on any task with an estimate.

To take advantage of this feature, try sorting the task listing by the “Rem” column. When sorted in ascending order, the tasks with the least amount of time left on them will bubble to the top. This is a great way to find out which tasks are close to going over their estimate (or already have).

Another beneficial application of this feature is to filter the task listing by person or project and find out how much time is remaining on a subset of tasks.

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