Integrating Slack into the Work Request Queue

Slack is a messaging app for teams who want to communicate and share files online. Intervals has integrated its Request Queue with Slack. When a new request is created in your request queue, Intervals will notify the Slack channel of your choice. The Slack – Request Queue integration is a quick and simple process. If you are having trouble completing the Slack integration please contact support.

What triggers a Slack notification?

Notifications are sent when anyone creates a request from the Submit a request button located on Tasks >> Request Queue:


Once you save your request, like below, the slack notification will be sent:


Notifications are also triggered when someone emails your Hopper or POP/IMAP email address. You can retrieve your personalized Hopper email address from the link below:


Requests created by the Intervals API will not send a Slack notification.

What does a notification look like in Slack?


How do I configure Slack?

Log in to your Intervals account and navigate to Tasks -> Request Queue -> Manage Slack Settings. Then click on the Add to Slack button on the right:

slack-buttonFollow the link and authorize the Slack service to Intervals, and click Authorize:


That’s it! You’ll be redirected back to the Slack settings page in our Intervals account with an options send a test message or disable the integration:


The next time a message arrives in your Request Queue, your team will be notified via Slack.

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