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Bulk submitting and approval of timesheets

Only administrator level users can approve timesheets. Administrator level users see all projects and are not limited by the project permissions, so any administrator level user can submit and approve time.

Even if doing a detailed review of timesheets is not part of your process, we recommend approving timesheets regularly to “lock” in the tracked time. Approving time will:

  1. Prevent hours from shifting around after you’ve run reports and/or put information in front of a client.
  2. Clear out all those notifications that may be stacking up.

Timesheet notifications

Not everyone needs to review timesheets individually in detail, so Intervals provides a way to bulk manage unsubmitted timesheets for quick approval to lock the week.

To manage timesheets in bulk:

    1. Navigate to Time > Manage timesheets:

Manage timesheet menu

    1. Click on the “Select All” checkbox, then select “Submit” in the “With selected…” dropdown:

Timesheet bulk action

    1. Once the timesheets are submitted, select “Approve” from the “With selected…” dropdown:

Bulk approve timesheets

If the number of timesheets span multiple pages, there is an option to display more on the page:
Show number of timesheets

You can also narrow your search by using the filters in the left column:
Filter timesheets

Note: Once a timesheet is approved, it is locked and cannot be modified unless it is “unapproved.” See this article for how to unapprove a timesheet so it can be modified.


Bulk Editing Time

Bulk Editing Time

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