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How do I modify an already approved timesheet?

When a timesheet has been approved, it becomes “locked” and changes are unable to be made. There are instances where a timesheet may need to be modified, e.g. time was assigned to the wrong project or module.

In order to make a change to a “locked” timesheet, the timesheet will need to be unapproved.

To unapprove a timesheet and allow changes to be made:

  1. Navigate to Time > Manage timesheets:
  2. Manage timesheet menu

  3. Filter to find the timesheet you are looking for and click on the “Unapprove” button
  4. Unapprove a timesheet

Changes can now be made to the unapproved timesheet. Once changes are made, the timesheet should be submitted and approved again to lock it down.

Note: If multiple timesheets need to be unlocked and modified, this action can be done in “bulk.” See this article for how to modify multiple timesheets at once. Only administrator level users can unapprove and approve timesheets.

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