Timesheet – Tips and Tricks

Here are a few shortcuts that might help make adding time to your timesheet a little faster.

Right click to already entered time

Clicking in a specific row and column will add time to the same project and day.

Timesheet Right click on Project

Right click on a day in the header

Timesheet - Right click on header

Copy time

  • If you work on the same items each day, copy the time entries from yesterday.
  • Were you in a meeting and forgot to add your time? Copy a time entry from someone else’s timesheet to yours.

Timesheet copy time

Importing time entries

Have a lot of time to add? Time can be imported in CSV format to add time in bulk. Administrator level users can import time via Settings & Defaults > Import Data.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

A video showing advanced ways to quickly add time.

Advanced Tips and Tricks
Running time: 2:42

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