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Weekly Timesheets – What is a timesheet? How does the submission and approval flow work?

This video introduces how timesheets work and how submitting and approving timesheets works. The first half is introductory in nature while the second half is a little more advanced and answers common questions we receive in support. Feel free to roll your mouse over the progress line at the bottom of the video to jump to the desired chapter.

Items covered in this video include the following.

Features of weekly timesheets in Intervals

  • Tracking time on tasks and projects
  • Not a clock in and clock out system
  • Timers to aid with accurate time tracking
  • Built in submit and approval reminders
  • Locking timesheets by approving the week

Commonly asked questions

  • How to edit an already approved timesheets
  • Our organization does not track our time, do I still have to use the timesheet system?
  • Who approves timesheets?
  • Can I see who is not tracking their time?
  • Can I associate team members with their manager for timesheet approvals?
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