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Using emojis in task comments, project notes, and more

Just say it with emojis! smiley emoji

Many teams using Intervals are remote and when working remote, it can be challenging to express yourself effectively. Emojis allow for humor, sarcasm, or to lighten up a difficult task when more than just words are needed. Since this functionality was already available in Windows and macOS, it was a no-brainer to utilize this functionality already available to us. We hope this update makes your communication easier to understand, whether you work in the same office or remotely. smiley emoji

There are multiple ways to access the emojis:

  1. As you are typing your information, type a colon (:) and the emojis will be displayed. (Shown below)
  2. Click on the insert emoji, smiley face icon in the editor bar. (Shown below)
  3. If you’re familiar with accessing emojis via your OS commands, you can also access them that way.

Emojis in Intervals

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