Google Drive Integration

Google Drive is easily the most popular cloud-based document service available today. Use Intervals Google Drive integration to access spreadsheets, documents, photos, and anything else you’ve got stashed in your Drive account. Attach files to the documents section of any project, milestone, or task. If you are having trouble completing the integration please contact support. How do […]

How to disable popup blocking with Google Drive integration

Google Chrome If you see a “Pop-up blocked” message, like below, click it and then check the option for “Always allow pop-ups from…” and click “Done”. Next hit CTRL + R on windows, or CMD + R on Mac to reload the page and proceed as needed. Firefox If you see the Google Drive pop up […]

Where can I upload documents?

Documents can be uploaded throughout Intervals. The following options are available when uploading documents: Upload a new doc from your Desktop or Google Drive Upload a newer version of a doc, to easily keep track of revisions Drag & Drop files to upload Below are examples of places within Intervals where files can be uploaded. […]

How do I create versions of documents?

Intervals includes document storage with version history to keep a history of iterations.  To view a document’s history, click the “Show document history” link below the file history. To upload a new version of the document, click the upload version icon:

Can I delete documents in bulk when a project is complete?

To bulk delete documents we recommend running a filter on the left to show the documents that you have uploaded.  After this is done the checkboxes will become enabled so that the documents can be selected and then deleted in bulk.  Also, just an FYI any document that you uploaded should have the trashcan next […]

How do I find a document?

The first way is to use the footer search by typing the document name, and then selecting Documents from the section drop down: You can also search using the documents section using a variety of fields and wildcard query strings or tags if you’re using document tags. Lastly, every document has an optional description field. […]

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