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Do I have to copy the documents when I copy a task? If I do, can I bulk delete the documents?

A long-time Intervals customer submitted this feature request:

I would love to see the ability to bulk delete documents on a task. I often clone tasks and need to remove old documents, currently I have to do only one at a time. Cumbersome!

We received similar feedback from other customers and released two options that help with this. If you copy tasks a lot, but do not want to copy the documents associated with the original task there is now an option that controls this. When copying you a task you can decide whether or not to also copy the documents.

Copy Task Not Documents

Additionally, there is an option to bulk delete documents on a task. If a task gets polluted with a lot of unneeded documents, they can be deleted in bulk to clean up the task. To bulk delete documents click on the document tab, select the documents, then use the “With selected” functionality to bulk delete them.

Bulk Delete Docs

This same functionality exists with milestones and the work request queue. We hope these convenience features help expedite your workflows.

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