What kind of information can I see by using the milestone graphs tab?

Time tracking and task management graphs in the milestone gives project managers a visual overview of milestone health. Similar to the project dashboard, the milestone graphs will reveal milestone progress by task status, task modules, task assignees, as well as time tracked on milestone tasks broken down by person and module. The goal of implementing […]

How do I reschedule a milestone including its tasks?

You can reschedule a milestone by changing its due date. If the due date is changed, there are options to also change the due date for the tasks. In this example, the date was changed to a date in the future. This gives you an option to reschedule any unclosed tasks. This works by changing […]

Can I see tasks nested within milestones?

There are two places where you can find view of your project management tasks belonging to a milestone. The first is on any milestone detail page, tasks are displayed when you click the tasks tab: The milestone listing can also be used to get a quick look at the nested tasks in the milestone:  

Using milestones in an Agile setting

With how Intervals currently works project milestones are akin to a sprint and the milestone’s graph tab can be used to view a burn down / burn up type of view based on the status of the tasks. Intervals is designed in a fashion that does not include traditional task dependencies like the waterfall method […]

How are milestones used?

Milestones and can be used to manage a multi-task deliverable. They exist below the project level within the project hierarchy, and this means you cannot have a milestone be part of multiple projects. A milestone can be used to show the status of each task that is associated with it. Project management milestones are completely optional. We almost never […]

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