What is a client contact?

A client contact is a person who is associated with a Client, but they lack login information as well as project level access. This type of user can be setup by skipping the login and permissions steps by clicking on the “Save contact information only” button: Contacts can only be seen by Administrator level users. […]

A person left my company. What do I do? Can I deactivate them?

We recommend setting the user to inactive instead of deleting the user. Deleting a user deletes their profile, contact information and the following data: time entries timers project permissions removes them from any assigned, owned or followed tasks and owned milestones removes them from any managed projects To preserve their data but remove their ability […]

How do I create a person?

Any Administrator level user can create people. Navigate to People >> Create a new person to start the process. Continue reading for a deeper dive into what the different options mean within Intervals. Creating a new person flow: Profile Client: Associating a person with a client, though not required, is useful for grouping them together […]

What are the four user levels?

Administrators Administrators are the only user level not limited by project level permissions and can see and do everything. With Intervals online business software they can change the site settings, create users, create projects, edit time, and approve time. The user access levels of an Administrator is the only user that can approve timesheets. This […]

What are project notes? Who has access to project notes?

Project notes are a great way to store information related to a project. It could be a procedure, a login or any note that is needed when working on the project. Intervals lets you store anything you want in the project notes. With project notes, Administrator level users see all project notes. For the other […]

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