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Is there a way to use the imports and set the project team?

A new Intervals customer asked the following question:

I am migrating over to Intervals and I have about 50 people to import and over 100 projects. Our team largely works on all the same projects. Is there a way to use the imports and set project access?

There is not currently an import specifically for project access but there is an option. The “Add to all future projects” setting can be utilized when importing people. You can import your project team first and set the “All Projects” flag to “Yes” for your team. Then, import the projects. By importing your team first with “Add this person to all future projects” enabled they will automatically be added to the project team for the projects when they are imported.

The person import template shows the required and optional fields available. Here is a screenshot that shows the “All Projects” option.

Import People

In the CSV template that is available for download this is how you format the cell for each person that you want to make part of your core team that will have access to each newly created project.

People Import CSV

After importing your team and then your projects if you need to edit your projects to remove access to certain projects this can be done by looking up each project and editing the project team or by bulk editing a person’s project access.

If you have any troubles with the data imports or need any assistance, please contact our support team.

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