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How do I use the Break It Down Report?

The Break It Down Report shows billable vs. un-billable hours with the standard report filtering on the left. This report was a popular request from customers who quickly wanted to see how billable time and internal time were related.

In addition to the standard filters, this report has an option to view by a time period:

Time view dropdown

As well as, an option to view by the main view (View by) or by the time period selected:

View by filter

Some popular filters:

  • By client YTD
  • By person YTD
  • By project (current month)
  • By person (current month)

Here is an example of the output:

Break It Down Report

There is an option to include the financial value of work in addition to the hours. This help article shows how to include the financial value of hours on the Break It Down report.

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