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Add a week’s worth of a time at once

One of the main reason’s why someone chooses Intervals over other time tracking systems is the valuable information that is learned from tracking time in a granular fashion. You have full control over your work types, rates, and module structure. You can setup your tracking however you like. If you need to see the time (or financial value) it took to complete a task for a client that is one click away with one of the reports.

If you use the system timers it is very easy to track time directly on the task. Sometimes timers are not practical and you need to add multiple time entries or a lot of time entries at once manually. To help make adding a week’s worth of time entries at once easier the new and improved add multiple time entries can be used.

Add multiple time entries is available in the Time navigation menu:
Menu - Add multiple time entries

The feature enables you to add a week’s worth of time quickly by selecting the projects and filling out the amount of time and optional description of work performed.
Weekly Timesheet Entry

Once the time entries are saved you are taken to your weekly timesheet where the time entries can be edited if needed. This functionality is great for adding vacations, conferences, or repetitive items that you do on a weekly basis.

This feature was launched directly from customer feedback. The feedback we received was that the previous add multiple time entries required too many clicks and could be cumbersome for adding regular repetitive work that didn’t require timers. Both methods of adding multiple time entries are supported and can be used to help you log your valuable time data.

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