I accidentally deleted a project or task. Can I undelete it?

When deleting a project there is a confirmation step that shows what is about to be deleted.

Delete Confirmation

This confirmation step is in place to help pause and make sure that the deletion is intentional, but accidental deletions still happen. If you happen to delete a project (or task, or time) only to realize that it should not have been deleted, there is not a way to restore it in the interface but our system administration team can typically help.

If you ever need to recover data that has been deleted, please reach out to our support team by starting a support ticket.

Submit Support Ticket

In the ticket submission please include as much information as possible about what has been deleted (name, client, date, etc.). Once we receive the request, we will schedule a review of your account to see if the data can be recovered. We typically can recover most deleted items.

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