How do I share a saved report with my team?

When running reports there is an option at the bottom of the report to save the report. Saving a report saves the parameters that were used to generate the report. Saved reports allow you to quickly run your favorite productivity reports by client, person, project, etc. with a single click.

Saving a Report
Save a report

For administrator level users, there is an option to share the report. Sharing a report makes the report available to all other administrator level users on the account. At this time executives, managers, and resource level users cannot share reports they save or view shared reports. The functionality only exists for administrator level users.

Sharing a Report
Share a report

Other administrators on the account can run the shared report by selecting it in the drop down menu of the reporting home page or by clicking on the name of the saved report at the bottom of the report.

Reporting Home Page
View Saved Report

Footer of a Report
View Shared Report Footer

The primary reason why the functionality is administrator only is due to the project permissions that Intervals features. Administrators see all projects, but resources, executives, and managers only see projects where they are members of the project team. Their view of projects is more limited and resources and executives do not have access to the same reports or reporting parameters that administrators do.

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