How do I save a report?

To save a report, first generate the report by clicking on the “Filter” button in the left column. Scroll to the bottom of the report results and click on the “Save this report” link, give it a name and click Save. Now this report can be generated at any time by clicking on the saved item in the left column of the report. This way the filters do not need to be recreated each time you log in. 


The date ranges selected from the drop down for the saved report are relative so if you saved “previous week” or “previous month,” for example, when you run those saved reports, you will always see the current previous week or month. If you input specific dates for your saved reports, you will see the data for those specific days each time the saved report is run.

Note: When generating the report, the email icon in the upper right corner can be used to email the contents of the report to anyone you would like.

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