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Can I share a saved filter with other users?

When you have a lot of data it is helpful being able to filter down to the desired data. With Intervals you can save these views so that you can return to the same filter with a single click.

We received the following support question:

I have a lot of saved task and calendar views that I would like to share with other users. Is there a way to do this?

Saved views can be shared in the same fashion as shared reports. Please note that sharing views is reserved to administrator level users only. There is not a way to share a saved view with a non-administrator level user. The functionality is administrator only is due to the project permissions that Intervals features. Administrators see all projects, but resources, executives, and managers only see projects where they are members of the project team.

This example shows how to share a saved task view, but the other views can be shared in the same fashion.

1. Click on the edit icon to launch the manage views dialogue

Manage Shared Views

2. Roll your mouse over the “Share” icon and click to share view

Share View

3. Send an introductory email about the view (optional)

Email Notification

Customize Email Notification

4. Other Administrator level users will now see the view

– This is what other administrators see. There is a “Shared with you” section that contains a link to run the view. If no views have been shared, this section will not be shown.

Shared Views

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